Submitted December 31, 2009

When we knew what was coming we drew drinking water.

We get lots of tornadoes in Oklahoma. (I grew up with one down the street) Nov 07' we got the worst ice storm that I can remember and we've had some of those. People were out of electricity all over the state, other states too. We were ready and thrived quite well. I had recently purchased a 3000 watt generator and I had it full of gas with 13 gal of stored gas as well. (all with Stabil treatment to keep it fresh, that's important) We were able to keep out fridge and freezer running on and off. After dark we could run a tv and dvd, a floor lamp which made things seem a bit normal. We went to bed early which was good for all. We have 3 sources of heat. Propane, wood stove and electric. Of course you can't run central air but the wood stove kept us warm enough when we stayed in that area of the house. We have a vent free gas fireplace up stairs, which by the way is a very pleasant heat, very efficient and commonly available these days. I live out where I can cut some of my own wood and I purchase wood off season when it's cheaper. We are on well water and don't have a way to plug the generator into it yet but we melted icicles for washing and flushing. When we knew what was coming we drew drinking water. Made sure all dishes and clothes were caught up, got anything that needed charging charged up and of course fueled up vehicles and got any food items that we might need. We didn't need a lot because we try to stay as close to ready as we reasonably can.

Instead of freaking out we made as enjoyable as possible. We were together as a family and it caused us to work together. We camp out once in a while and intentionally don't depend on all the creature comforts, so it wasn't a big deal. I know people who are much better off than us financially and don't consider that they are totally dependent on electricity. With a few items from Camping Survival we can be much better prepared.

Charles from Oklahoma

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