Submitted January 1, 2010

The fire moved to an area directly up wind of us!

The summer of 06' in Oklahoma was extremely dry. The previous few summers we had minimal rain which made 06' especially brutal. We live next to a heavily wooded area close to the river. One evening on the way home from church we could see the glow of a wildfire from over 6 miles away and it looked like it was close to our home. Sure enough it was in the woods close to our house. It started ironically at a Boy Scout camp and the fire moved to an area directly up wind of us. We got ready to bail by gathering our most important stuff. Important papers, clothes for a few days, guns, pets, and some pictures. Fortunately we had some time to do this. We had it all in a pile and some of it in the vehicles ready to go. The wind shifted just in time and we never had to leave but it was close. We could hear the fire raging and it got to within about 150 yards. Since then we have purchased a portable fire safe for our important papers which we can quickly take with us and will provide some protection if we don't get it out. I would hate to think how much harder it would be to recuperate after loosing everything without our important papers!

Charles in Oklahoma

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