Submitted November 6, 2008

Getting brushed by Hurricane Rita made things iffy

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for including me on your mailing list. I love your website and all the products you carry, as I have many of the same myself. I have been accumulating survival and camping gear since I was a boy, as a Marine I learned and taught a lot about survival. During last years hurricane season, we were fortunate and my area only got brushed by Rita. Still, when it looked iffy, I sent my wife to her mothers and I stayed at the house. Why you might ask? Because I'm one of those disaster junkies. Her survival gear is stored in a 5 gallon plastic pail with a snap top lid. All her needs are contained in an extra heavy duty garbage bag, with all her gear held in place with a bucket boss, one of those multi-pocket tool bags for a 5 gallon bucket. Outside of it is 12 kitchen trash bags. Why? You grab the bucket boss and lift out all your gear and personal needs, snap on a toilet seat and you have an instant port-a-potty. If you ask anyone who evacuated from Houston, or New Orleans, they will tell you that was the ONLY thing they needed and didn't bring. Nobody thought they would be stuck on the freeway in bumper to bumper traffic for 24 hours or more. It normally takes 2.5 to 3 hrs to get from Houston to Dallas. For some it took over 36 hrs, and sometimes it was a long way between bathrooms and when you got to one, the lines were an hour long or more. I picked up one of these seats at Bass Pro, made by Reliance. She won't go anywhere with out it.

Well, there's my only suggested addition to your outstanding kits. Again, love your site and the top notch products you offer.

Frank Favorito

A Note from Survival Authority, Tom Sciacca of

Port-a-Potty! So many of these stories point out port-a-potty's. Yes, we all have that in common, so you need to find a solution when you don't have a toilet or it doesn't work. One of the keys is a toilet seat. When traveling around the middle eastern desert with the Marine Corps, we "found" a toilet seat and life was much easier after that. It sounds so simple, but it was great to have. We most often took the thick cardboard sleeve off a case of the MRE's we were issued and set the toilet seat on top of that sleeve. Bingo! Instant toilet. Simple solution to a big problem.

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