Submitted November 6, 2008

We need to stay alive in near arctic, marine and rain-forest cond

Hello Tom,

I'm a volunteer with the Civil Air Patrol in Washington (read Northern Cascades). As an Emergency Services Air Crew Member, we are always concerned with survival equipment. Our needs are a little different from most: We need to stay alive in near arctic, marine and rain-forest conditions with wild animals for a very brief time. We should be located within 2-3 days, but our gear is limited to that which we can carry in our NOMEX uniform and survival vest. We need: water, warm shelter, wind, rain, snow protection, a small big gun or reasonable fact simile, a little food, first aid, good signaling devices.

'Civil Air Patrol is the auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. All their aircraft are owned by the Air Force. Generally, we are notified by the national center in Virgina if an aircraft goes missing -or- an Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) goes off. We are vectored to the general area by HQ, then start an intensive radio/visual search of the area for our [target]. In our location, that may involve a contour search in the mountains, an a very slow speed, and relatively close to the ground (read mountain.) Needless to say, that puts us in danger of winds and weather and trees and terrain. Most of the Cascade Range is beyond cell-phone connectivity, and therefore remote. If, God forbid, we go down, there is quite a good chance that we will be there for longer than the time between coffee breaks. The Mountains are rugged and can get colder than blazes as soon as the sun drops. AND, there's BEARS and cougars and just bad big dogs "up in them thair hills." Survival is always on our minds.

I wouldn't say FUN.. I'd say INTENSE, but immensely rewarding if we get to save a life.

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