Submitted November 6, 2008

Ice and wind storm victims need help too


Sure, people in earthquakes and hurricanes prone areas need kits, but there is far greater need for survival kits dealing with the loss of utilities because of storms - both ice and wind. These people are not helped by the Government. They are cooped up their home for a week or more without the ability to cook, buy food, no AC or heat, etc. There is no one to come to their assistance other than neighbors who are in the same fix. But they need a way to stay cool, warm, cook, eat, and take care of their families plus pets until the emergency is over. It would be helpful to supply a week's for a family of four plus a booklet that tells how to remove snow from roofs, keep pipes from freezing, the importance of not leaving your residence in a snow storm, how to avoid downed electrical wires, what not to use indoors for heat, etc. The middle of the country has been pretty much neglected because the coasts' disasters are more spectacular. These people's homes are usually intact but not the ability to maintain life.

Bobbie Cogswell Wichita, Kansas

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