Submitted November 6, 2008

Earthquake survival suggestions

Dear Tom,

Thanks for your e-mail, I like what you are doing. I have no hurricane experience but have been through several major earthquakes. I would make four suggestions for being prepared.

1. Liquid Oxygen for long term water storage. You can store tap water for up to 5 years. We store lots of extra water this way and don't have to be concerned about purification. The water is stored in square, 7 gallon containers and can be stacked 2-high.

2. Rugged and reliable L.E.D. flashlights. If you can't see, you can't do anything. The L.E.D. lights last a long time on a set of batteries and the bulbs won't break.

3. A drop-in bowl that fits inside the toilet with changeable plastic bag liners. That way you can still use your toilet in comfort and privacy (my wife's idea, it works great).

4. A battery charger for your cell phone. Obviously, our experience has been just to stay put because we haven't had to leave, as is probably true with most earthquake emergencies. We have also found that items like integrated flashlight/radio/tv/generator/etc. are poorly made and unreliable. We prefer quality gear that all use the same size batteries.

One more thought. How about a small kit that would fit inside a pair of walking shoes kept under your bed, or in your car. Shoes are probably more important than clothes. At least in California.

Hope these ideas are of some help.


Jason Allen

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