Submitted November 5, 2008

In survival situations, thirst for 
information is unquenchable

Dear Tom,

Thanks for your email - I think it is a very wise thing to ask others for their 
experiences. Regarding your questions, I don't have any hurricane survival
 experience. I have had only two urban survival experiences - 9/11 and the 2003 
Blackout both in NYC. Both have increased my level of survival preparedness.
 For 9/11, I wish I had a dust mask with me (for obvious reasons). For the 2003
 Blackout I wish I had a radio with me - in survival situations, the thirst for 
information is unquenchable. It was a bit spooky walking home from work and
 wondering if the power outage was a prelude to another terrorist attack. I wish 
I had a radio with me to get a constant source of the latest information about 
any further developments as I walked home.

I think the two kits you've put together are good. Last Christmas my wife and I 
put together a go-bag for her sister (who also lives in NYC) as a gift. I used 
your site primarily to supply the kit since I believe it is the best site on
 the internet for a comprehensive selection of items at reasonable prices. Then
 a few months later a friend of my sister-in-law asked for a list of items in
 order to make her own go-bag. So I created an email for her listing items and 
it is primarily based on your website. That email is attached and you may find 
it helpful in contrasting/comparing to the go-bags you've created.

 Let me know if you have any questions!

Best regards,


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