Submitted November 4, 2008

I was without power for about 26 hours

Hi Tom,

I was in Houston when the Hurricane hit in 2005. It was a Cat 5 storm but dropped before it hit the coast. I was prepared for a bigger storm, I had MRE's, lots of bottled water, flashlights, candles, matches, and extra batteries for my laptop computer and portable radio. I also had a survival kit in my Ford truck, with water, food, shovels, blankets, tool kit, etc. Plus a full tank of gas in case I had to evacuate. In my home I had several buckets with lids in case the water was lost and I could not use the toilets.

  I decided not to evacuate. The storm only lasted about four hours with high winds and rain. I had no damage.

I was without power for about 26 hours, and I could not leave my home for 48 hours due to downed power lines sparking all over the road.

  Although I did not go through a bad storm, I did update my survival plans. I bought more duct tape, survival blankets, and hygiene wipes. I also stock more MRE's and canned foods.



A Note from Survival Authority, Tom Sciacca of

The comment on the laptop made me think about something to consider when using generators. Generators don't put out clean power. There are spikes and decreases in power that can be dangerous to computer, tv's and the like. We have several "line conditioners" in our home and at work here to protect all of our electronic equipment when we fire up the generator. You can get line conditioners at radio shack or online.

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