Submitted November 4, 2008

The village itself was flooded and impassable

Hi Tom -

I live in Canajoharie and the only thing that happened this year was the flood. I wasn't flooded, being up on the hill, but we did lose power for three days and were sort of stuck up here, since the village itself was flooded and impassable.  

I have battery powered lamps, a battery/solar/dynamo radio and a set (mantle lantern, space heater and stove) of canister gas equipment (using the Primus type canister). The flood was in the summer, so heat was not an issue, my neighbor has a grill, so I really didn't need the stove and the battery lamps were sufficient, since we had daylight until quite late. I also usually keep at least a week's supply of food, plus about a month's supply of emergency food so I didn't need anything. Things got back to normal quickly, so all went well.  

I'm an old soldier who has kicked around in the woods for almost 60 years now, backpacking, camping and canoeing (most of my outdoor time is spent in a canoe now, at my age (67) backpacking is more like work). So I have the full complement of camping gear including cold weather stuff.  

Take care,

Ralph DeCamp

A Note from Survival Authority, Tom Sciacca of

Neighbors are very important in disaster situations. Man made or natural disasters often create the same problems. Many people believe that one of the best methods of preparedness is to get your neighbors in a preparedness program of their own. This way, rather than them coming knocking on your door or adding to your burden, you all work together. Although you have to be careful to not simply spread the word that you are prepared and might become a target.

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