Submitted November 5, 2008

Family becomes better prepared after ice storm

Dear Tom, 

You have a great little company that sells a VERY complete line of survival gear at reasonable prices.  Like you, I have been interested in survival and preparedness all of my life. Growing up in St. Lawrence County, NY gave me a strong respect for Mother Nature's moods.  I currently have the honor of serving on the Board of the Ndakinna Education Center in Greenfield, NY, a non-profit 501c3 organization that teaches wilderness survival, advanced tracking,and Native American and Adirondack culture.  Our programs are geared to very primitive skills such as fire making using spark, bow drill or hand drill.  I watched my relatives go through the Ice Storm of the late 90's with varying degrees of previous preparation. They are ALL better prepared now then before. My own family kit has evolved over the past 20 years as I went from a single adult to married adult to father. My next purchase for the family will be a generator that can run our furnace, sump pump and refrigerator. After that I will probably get a decent chain saw to remove blocking trees.  Upstate, NY is fairly protected from hurricanes but face winter blizzards, ice storms and bitter cold temperatures. My preparations reflect those needs. Trips through the Adirondacks in the winter call for kits that are strong on food, warmth (sleeping bags, blankets, pockets heaters), light sources and communication.  I think your kits are good frameworks to build family/personal survival kits.

Sincerely, John Conroe

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