Submitted November 5, 2008

Shortage of gas for the vehicles

Hi Tom,

We haven't really had an emergency since the blizzard of 1978, and we were lucky in that one because we never lost power so we kept our heat and still had lights and were able to cook with no problems....

One problem we did encounter during that storm was a shortage of gas for the vehicles ... "IF" we had had to leave and travel any distance we could have had a problem ... lucky for us the situation never came up. Now we try to keep two 5 gallon gas cans handy, using them to run the gas mowers during the summer to make sure we keep the gas fresh.

Other than that, we're pretty well set with supplies at the house and go bags if we need to leave.


A Note from Survival Authority, Tom Sciacca of

Keep in mind that when you store gasoline, it can start to go bad pretty quickly (within just a couple months) and can damage your generator. If you use a fuel stabilizer, it can last much longer and still be good when you need it. Fuel stabilizers can be purchased at most gas stations and many other stores.

Also, please consider the explosive nature and potential danger of gasoline when you select a location to store it.

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