Submitted November 4, 2008

Mosquito netting comes in handy for surviving hurricane


Last hurricane season, for us, although busy here in 
South Florida, were thankfully little more than a 
inconvenience. However, since our electricity did go 
out for some time during Hurricane Wilma, it did get 
rather uncomfortable.  The number one thing we found 
that was great having, was mosquito netting.  (This 
was most particularly learned during Hurricane 
Andrew).  With no electricity to run the A/C, we had 
to sleep with the windows open for any relief and the 
mosquitoes and bugs would eat you alive at night if 
you weren't protected by the netting.  It was 
especially helpful with the kids.  

So, that's what I would say that I rarely see on any 
'survival' kit list, but it's one of those things you 
probably wouldn't think about until you are in the 
middle of the night, lying in the dark, with bugs 
eating you alive and then wishing you had one

Linda del Pino

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