Submitted November 4, 2008

Any type of weather could set us into survival mode

Hi Tom -

I was not personally affected by either Hurricane Rita or Katrina; however, back in the day when I lived in the mountains any type of weather could set us backward into survival mode.  We're lucky though.  A huge generator gets us through most of the power outages and keeps everything in the cabin running and we cook with propane and more often on the charcoal grill outside so even if the power does go out we have an alternate supply for cooking and the wood stove keeps us warm if it becomes too chilly. Can't say I would want to go back to any of that with the luxury we have now living in the city; but if need be, we know we could handle it. 

People need to know what the alternatives are and how to use them.  Not only sell them the things they need but educate them as to why they need them.  Especially as back up materials.

I love your website and hope to do business with you again, soon!

Linda Kaupas

A Note from Survival Authority, Tom Sciacca of

Good points. One thing to note about generators no matter how many times it's said, people still die from running generators indoors every year. Generators emit deadly carbon monoxide gas and should not only not be running in your basement or garage, but having it run too close to your house can be dangerous. In the right situation, the gas could still get in your house and kill you.

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