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Natural gas, exploding cars, broken glass, panicking people

Hi Tom:

That is an interesting and compelling question. My family isn’t exactly avid campers or experienced outdoors-types. The one time we purchased items from you was at the request of my children who found your website on their own and thought your products were just too cool. It is our intention to start camping more often.

I do have one “survival story”…

At 03.45 17JAN1994 I left my home in North Hollywood, CA headed for a job site in Fresno, CA. At exactly 04.31 the same day the Northridge earthquake struck causing the 14 freeway to collapse onto Interstate 5 just about 12 minutes after I had passes under the interchange. While I didn’t realize it at the time, this event actually cut off the primary route between southern and central California and I was trapped in a mountain range just north of that point.

While it had taken only 45 minutes to get to where I was, it would take me some 9 to 10 hours to find my way home. The challenges I found along the way included oil field fires, natural gas mainline ruptures, exploding cars, broken glass and panicking people. Oh and also the annoying tendency of large sections of mountain roads to peel out from under me and slide down a cliff during aftershocks.

Thing that would have made me a little more comfortable included:

- Breathing apparatus
- Extra Fuel
- Fire Extinguishers
- Communications gear
- Cutting tools
- Flat Tire Repair
- Warm Clothing
- Portable radio or police scanner

One of these days I want to commit that whole experience to writing. Maybe I’ll pass it along to you if want me to.

This is my quick reply to answer your question.


Tom I

A Note from Survival Authority, Tom Sciacca of

Good list. Many of these stories have lists and ideas of what you will need in an emergency and they are not just made up lists. These are ideas based upon personal experience, thought and analysis after an incident. A person could make a real nice list of gear needed after a disaster by making notes from bits and pieces of many of these stories.

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