Snow Storm Survival Stories

We were only partially prepared

By the time we got to our exit near home it was 10:30 pm. 6 or 7 seven cars and trucks were stranded at our exit because it had not been plowed.

When we knew what was coming we drew drinking water.

Instead of freaking out we made as enjoyable as possible. We were together as a family and it caused us to work together

State of emergency in Massachusetts

The National Guard was called out to assist in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Many places were without power for almost a month, some areas got their power back on within a week.

When the power goes off, we have no water, no heat and no light

Lee Osborn discusses his family's snow storm survival techniques and the importance of having items such as candles, batteries, canned goods, water, solar blankets and flashlights to get through the disaster.

Family becomes better prepared after ice storm

In this snow storm survival story, John Conroe tells us that his experience with blizzards has led him to getting prepared with survival kits that contain items such as sleeping bags, pocket heaters, flashlights and extra foo

Shortage of gas for the vehicles

This blizzard survival story illustrates why it's important to keep extra gas cans with extra gas cans around as all the gas stations in the area were closed due to power outages.

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