Power Outage Survival Stories

We need to stay alive in near arctic, marine and rain-forest cond

Romeo Hotel can only take his necessities with him while he's on the job including a survival vest, water, warm shelter, first aid and a little food.

Ice and wind storm victims need help too

Bobbie Cogswell explains how people living in areas prone to ice and wind storms also need survival kits which helps to stay cool, warm, cook, eat, and take care of the family plus pets until the emergency is over.

Stranded in Death Valley, washed off a mountain in Hawaii

As a well prepared mom, Sandra Lewis is always ready for a power outage or getting stranded. She shares the importance of keeping such items as bug spray, mosquito netting, first aid kits and water filters with you at all tim

In survival situations, thirst for 
information is unquenchable

In this survival story of the 2003 New York City blackout, Aaron discusses how he wished he had a portable radio with him to keep him informed.

Any type of weather could set us into survival mode

Linda Kaupas has quite a bit experience in the realm of survival. Having dealt with many power outages, she talks about using generators and a gas stove in order to make it through.

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