Hurricane Survival Stories

Hurricane Ivan Survival Story

It was total chaos in stores. If they received a shipment of bread, it'd be gone within seconds. People were literally snatching it out of someone else's arms.

Hurricane Ike Survival Story

In 2008, my wife and I were stranded in the Bolivar Peninsula during Hurricane Ike.

This one caught us completely off guard!

Who knew that a hurricane could affect Indiana? We found this out the hard way when a wall of wind and rain from Hurricane Ike (September, 2008) slammed into our little town at 90 miles an hour.

Hurricane Frances showed me that I had lessons to learn

It clocked up to 70 mph hurricane force winds when it emerged on the Atlantic side two days later. That got everyone's attention even Florida natives like me. Folks were spooked and on edge by the time Frances reached the B

Surviving Hurricane Francis

I keep a stock of fresh drinking water (in food grade storage containers) along with non-perishable foods, snacks, rechargeable batteries, flashlights, a small radio, first aid kit, prepaid cell phone, plenty of books to read

Unprepared for long power outage

I had a network of friends that ended up banding together to get through things. We communicated through text but at times the network was down and not working.

Hurricane Rita Evacuation Urban Survival Story

It was completely surreal in Rockport late that afternoon. The streets were all but abandoned, trash fluttered in the wind on the empty sidewalks, most business were already closed. The schools had closed at noon that day, an

Florida Hurricane Urban Survival Stories

Living in South Florida, I have to be prepared for hurricanes, tornadoes, and Winter/Spring droughts. Living in the Keys makes us additionally vulnerable because we are so isolated, surrounded by saltwater and connected to t

Hurricane Iniki - Some Lessons Learned

Hurricane Iniki, which struck the island of Kauai on September 11, 1992, was the third-most damaging hurricane in U.S. history and provides some valuable insights into how people react when an entire self-contained community

Hurricane Lessons Learned and Some Advice on Getting Prepared

I am located on the Gulf Coast 60 short miles from New Orleans, Louisiana. We were ground zero for Hurricane Katrina, so I have a first hand experience of what can happen I will describe some things that I did right and some

Behavior of people in general was horrible selfish animalistic

I evacuated from my home in Beaumont because of Hurricane Rita. I boarded a school bus with several other people from all across my area. We rode in a caravan of school buses with 2,000 people and this is my personal experien

It's best to build your own survival kit

Chris from San Diego, California discusses how in an emergency situation such as Hurricane Katrina, it is important to know what's in your survival kit and how to use it.

No relief to be counted on magically in hour 73

Jamie Ross, MD discusses her experience dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and people should be prepared with survival kits that last beyond the first 72 hours.

As I drove in, I was absolutely sobered to the core

After Hurricane Katrina, Pamela learns to make her own survival kit which include things such as water purification tablets, mre's, and fire starters.

Father cooked soup with a candle in the oven

Denise M Schaffer relays the story of her parents who live in Florida throughout hurricane season. They have become equipped with a weather radio, a hand powered flashlight, small first aid kit, a water purifier, mess kits, a

Getting brushed by Hurricane Rita made things iffy

Hurricane Rita made even the simplest things difficult, even being able to use the bathroom. Frank Favorito discusses how he used basic household items to make a port-a-potty.

I did not feel at all prepared for the situation

During Hurricane Katrina, Ryan Stevens had to stay behind for work. Although he had extra food and clothing, he wished he had a survival kit to put his mind at ease.

A disposable camera is vital for taking pictures for the insuranc

During Hurricane Andrew, Dorothy Wells learned that having items such as a battery powered television, disposable cameras, and plenty of cleaning products for the aftermath.

The home photo album can never be replaced

Tim Goodwin discussed his survival training and the importance of keeping family memorabilia in a trunk or duffel bag ready to go at a moment's notice.

We were airlifted from the balcony of our home after 6 days

In this hurricane survival story, Margie Wilmoth and family survive Hurricane Katrina with the help of a crank radio and solar lights.

That old motor home shook, rattled and rolled

Bill Kemper stayed tough during Hurricane Andrew and in his survival story he discusses how one can never have too much water, canned food, mess kits or gas.

Most people had their homes completely destroyed by water

Richard M. Chase from Houston, Texas has quite a bit experience with hurricanes and tropical storms. In this survival story, he recommends people stay prepared with items such as MRE's, batteries, mosquito netting and first a

I was without power for about 26 hours

This is another informative hurricane survival story in which Boomer recalls how having such items as MRE's, flashlights, candles, matches and extra batteries all came in handy during the storm.

Mosquito netting comes in handy for surviving hurricane

Linda del Pino has survived such storms as Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Andrew, and in her survival story she discusses the importance of mosquito netting.

Electric went out within minutes after the hurricane hit

In this Hurricane Survival Story, Nick Repello expresses the need to be prepared with items such as MRE's, canned goods, flashlights and plenty of water.2

We tried to flee but almost ran out of gas and turned back

Bill Coulam survived both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. In his survival story, he discusses the importance of being prepared with chain saws, extra water and a portable fan.

You can not believe how quickly normal things breakdown

In this hurricane survival story, Tom Wiese relays his experience during Hurricane Katrina and how having items such as MRE's, a first aid kit, a survival kit and and a weather radio come in handy.

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